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Complicated Kids with Gabriele Nicolet

Complicated Kids is a podcast about why raising kids can feel so hard sometimes. We’ll talk about quirky kids, highly sensitive kids, Orchid Kids, disabilities, disorders and therapies. But we’ll also talk about general child development, parenting tips, and how to understand the child you brought home with you and agreed to house, clothe, feed and raise until their adulthood (What were you THINKING?!)

Parenting is an adventure anyway. If you’ve got complicated kids, it can feel like an extreme sport. Join me to unpack all of it, figure out who needs what, and help your family thrive.

Gabriele Nicolet is a Toddler Whisperer, Parent Coach and Speech Therapist. – She is the co-founder of Raising Orchid Kids – an online, global parent education and coaching practice, as well as the owner of SpeechKids – a private speech therapy practice in the DC metro area. Gabriele has a hard time eating out in restaurants if children are present because she always wants to play. She is passionate about all things child development, and particularly fascinated by the ways in which common parenting practices affect highly sensitive (Orchid) kids and how to tweak them so that everyone can stay calm and become their best Selves.

Nov 28, 2023

What are Emotional Support Parents? Well, they are NOT Helicopter Parents or pushovers or permissive parents. They ARE parents who are highly attuned to the needs of their highly sensitive (often anxious) children. Being an ESP is often necessary (because the child in question has a lot of emotional needs) but also exhausting for parents. Join us to talk about Emotional Support Parents and how parents can both support their complicated kids while also guarding their own parental mental health.


Claire Lerner is trained as a clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and child development specialist with over 30 years of experience working with children and families in a range of capacities. She is also the author of "Why Is My Child In Charge?" which can be found on her website